National Miner Day

Joe & Kea Holdren

National Miner Day



Today is National Miners Day and on this day in 1907 it was marked the worst mining disaster in American history. It happened at a coal mine in Monongah, West Virginia where we lost at least 361 men. Due to poor record keeping, we will never know the actual count. Read More Here.

As a miner myself and on behalf of our entire team at Miner Strong, I want to take this opportunity to honor the incredible dedication and hard work of miners worldwide.

As a company deeply rooted in the mining industry, we understand firsthand the challenges and importance of safety in the mines.

At Miner Strong, safety isn’t just a motto; it's a commitment we live by every day. 
Happy Holidays and Stay Safe My Friends!!!!
Joe & Kea

Owners of Miner Strong

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