Meet The Miner Behind Miner Strong

Hi, I'm Joseph Holdren, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Miner Strong LLC. I have over 15 years of experience in the mining industry working in various positions. I love what I do for a living, I love the people I work with and my fellow pards, and I love this industry because of the impact that it has had on my life, and the ability it has given me to make a positive impact in the lives of my family and in the world.

Before Mining

To be honest before Mining I was a troubled young man. Mining gave me purpose and drive, it also gave me a family of friends.

A Second Chance At Life

Mining picked me, I did not pick mining. It was very tough in the beginning, I was green as a blade of grass and they were firing men everyday! LOL. As a matter of fact I heard this tunneling outfit was paying $18 an hour so I called this man everyday for two weeks straight. Finally he asked me what I could do? I answered with... I can run a shovel. He said "Have your Ass here at 8:00am in the morning. So at 8:00am I showed up and the man handed me a shovel and said I need a hole 10'x10'x10' and I began to dig...All Day Long!!! At the end of the day he came over and starred for what felt like an eternity and finally said... You can come back tomorrow. The rest is history and I wouldn't change it for the world!!!

Our Vision For Miner Strong

Owners of Miner Strong - Joe & Kea Holdren
Owners of Miner Strong - Joe & Kea Holdren

Miner Strong is ran by of course myself and my Lovely Wife & Co-Owner Kea Holdren who has been supporting me in mining for over 15 years. We both have a passion to help others, we have an appreciation for what mining has done for us & our family, and we have entrepreneurial spirits that make Miner Strong something that we not only enjoy pursuing, but we also know that we can make this business truly meaningful.

The Mission of Miner Strong is to make a positive impact in an industry that has given us so much and that is so vitally important to our nation & our world by representing Miners with a brand that embodies what being Miner Strong is all about.

Our Vision and primary purpose is to help miners to be more comfortable, productive and safe at work. We also aim to educate the world on the importance of mining and to contribute to finding solutions to make mining safer and more sustainable for our future.

Stay Safe! Joe & Kea