A.J. Balderrama, Hard Rock Miner
Mining Safety Share
Some people think your ventilation has to be specific length from your face. This doesn't mean the face on your head. There is no specific length. This means the face of your heading. 
The rule is ventilation needs to be sweeping the face at all times.
This makes sure anyone who is in that heading working gets quality air and pushes out the bad air. If you have ever had CO poisoning it's not fun. CO bonds to the molecules in your bloodstream and more than 200 times stronger than oxygen.
This effects your oxygen to your brain, heart and throughout your body. It is super toxic and can lead to anoxic brain injury. Severe CO poisoning can lead to seizures, comas and death.
So take ventilation serious and what only takes 15-20 minutes to hang bag can save lives including your own.


- A.J. Balderrama, Hard Rock Miner

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