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Miner Strong Mining Safety Share 

This week's safety share is Teamwork... I know some people will say that it's not a safety topic, however I disagree.

I was on a project about 7 years ago and we had a series of near misses and the project manager said to the supervisor "we start safety shares today, I can't believe we haven't done this from the start."

We were working a 20/10 schedule and we had exactly 20 people in the line out meeting and everyone sat in the same seat every day. The supervisor would go around the room and when it was your day you'd better have a safety share. After a couple of hitches it started to get very competitive, Like everything else with miners lol.

That being said you better not tell the guy to the right of you in advance what your share was going to be or he might use it for himself, yeah that happened to me. Had it been anything else it would have gotten out of hand, but we were competing over each others safety. Then one day my partner put it all together and realized that teamwork is what got us to this point, keep in mind:

☑️ All the near misses went away

☑️ Morale was probably the highest I have ever seen,

☑️ Productivity was at an all time high

☑️ Our paychecks and our safety record was flawless.

So anyone that thinks teamwork is not an act of safety try this method and make sure everyone in the room has to participate, not only is it fun for the guys but it's great for the project!!! Until next week, stay Safe my Friends!!!

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