Ladder Safety

Joe Holdren, CEO | Hard Rock Miner

Miner Strong Safety Share - Ladder Safety

This week's safety share is on ladder safety. We often use ladders in our day to day routine. It's important to use the correct ladder for the job as far as weight restrictions and usability. I have seen people get hurt and miss work due to not using the ladder properly or not using the right ladder. 

Ladders are essential tools, but their improper use can pose safety risks. Here are some ladder safety rules to follow:

  1. Choose the Right Ladder:
  • Different types of ladders serve specific purposes. Consider the weight of the person using the ladder, along with tools and materials. Here are some ladder categories and their load capacities:
    • IAA Special Duty: 375 pounds
    • IA Extra Heavy Duty: 300 pounds
    • I Heavy Duty: 250 pounds
    • II Medium Duty: 225 pounds
    • III Light Duty: 200 pounds
  1. Inspect Before Use:
  1. Physical Capability:
  1. Stable Surface:
  1. Safe Placement:
  1. Avoid Leaning or Reaching Away:
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