Fit For Duty

Joe Holdren, CEO | Hard Rock Miner
Miner Strong Safety Share - Fit For Duty
This week's Safety Share is "Fit For Duty".
The first thing we think of is someone blowing hot on an alcohol test simply because we more than likely have witnessed someone blowing hot and losing their job.
However, Fit for Duty is more than just showing up sober, what sometimes gets overlooked is your overall health. Here are just a few things to review when the topic is brought up in a meeting:
Are you hydrated?
Are you well rested?
Are you mentally prepared for the day?
Did you injure yourself on days off?
Fit For Duty is a broad topic when you stop and think about it. So the next time you wake up and you're not feeling well ask yourself these questions, it may just save you an injury or worse. 
Until next time stay safe my friends!!!
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