A.J. Balderrama, Hard Rock Miner. 

Miner Strong Safety Share - Fatigue


Fatigue is something we as Miners experience all the time. Working long hitches, alternating from days to nights or just a crazy schedule that doesn't allow your body to get the proper rest it needs.

It is a fact that 1 out of 3 people fail to get enough sleep. This can be caused by numerous things such as stress, family issues, or health problems. Being an underground miner we are always vitamin D, B12 and iron deficient. Another contributing factor is caffeine. Miners love their caffeine but it is a double edge sword. Extra caffeine is not contributing any beneficial health effect because your cells have become overwhelmed, and that excess caffeine no longer provides any boost. We've all experienced fatigue and if you can pinpoint what your cause is, then it's all about routine.

Working around others that are fatigued is just as dangerous as you being fatigued yourself. Thank you A.J. Balderrama

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