Drill Steel

Joe Holdren, CEO | Hard Rock Miner

Mining Safety Share - Drill Steel


Today's topic is Drill Steel. It can be a life or death matter. I know that steel gets stuck in the face from time to time, when that's the case it's up to the mucker operator to fish it out provided they see it. Once it's identified it is important to get the steel under safe ground and remove it from the pile.

In most cases it is the drillers job to pack it out of the heading, in this case make sure that you either take it back to the headers or put it back in the steel rack on the jumbo. If the steel is bent make sure you tie it off so it cannot catch on the rib or whatever obstacle may be in the way.
In some cases it just gets left on the rib and then the blasters shoot the round on top of it. In my experience this is the most dangerous scenario, because it will most likely not get disturbed in the blast and when the loader operator starts cleaning ribs they will have no clue it's there.
With that being said... Never leave your steel in a place that could hurt the next guy!!!
If you have a Safety Share or story we would love to hear it!!!
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