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The Dangers of Complacency In The Workplace.

The problem with complacency is that it's the definition of a silent killer, meaning the severity of the hazard is invisible before things go wrong. Complacent behavior doesn't necessarily look deadly so the consequences can catch you by surprise. 


What Causes Complacency?

Any one thing doesn't cause complacency, but there are a lot of common contributors.

For individuals, a personal sense of safety complacency can result from:

  • Familiar, routine, and repetitive tasks that don't require active problem solving
  • A long track record where nothing has gone wrong (or almost gone wrong)

At an organizational level, complacency can come from:

  • A safety program that was phased out once it "worked."
  • A belief that existing workplace safety measures are successful as-is
  • The prioritization of productivity, efficiency, or cost reduction over safety

"Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands."


Learn more about The Dangers of Complacency here on the OSHA website.

Until next week... Stay Safe!!!

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