Tom Hardee

Underground Miner

Type of Miner?
Where are you currently mining?
How long have you been mining?
10 years

What do you find most rewarding about your job as a miner?
It's always treated me well. Hard work is generally rewarded in the industry and there are so many different trades to branch into, each with their own set of challenges

What are some of the challenges you face regularly in your work, and how do you address them?
Prioritization of downed equipment, scheduling conflicts with production.
We have to work with everyone on production, communication and planning is key.These challenges also keep the work from being monotonous.

Are there any particular skills or qualifications that are essential for someone interested in becoming a miner?
Just want it, respect other people's experience and learn from the old hands before they're gone. Get your foot in the door and learn as much as you can, on the job training is the best kind you will ever receive.

How has your experience in the mining industry shaped your perspective on the importance of mining in our society?
If it's not grown it's mined, the industry I am a part of is an absolutely massive driver of the world economy.

How do you see the future of mining evolving, and what opportunities or challenges do you anticipate?
I feel that the importance of mined materials will only grow, as economies compete and technology advances the need for material will outweigh the red tape covering it.

The biggest challenge I see is the gap in knowledge, a lot of very knowledgeable folks are going to retire in the next 10 years.

The second biggest challenge is see is the lack of interest in a workforce hurting for personnel.

Which is a HUGE opportunity for individuals interested in a good paying career.

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