Sterling Hill-Koester

Development Miner



How long have you been mining and what type of miner are you?
I've been in the industry for 8 years and I'm currently a development miner.

What state are you currently mining in?
I'm mining currently in Nevada

What task do you love the most on the job?
There's a ton of things I enjoy doing but at the top of the list is longhole drilling and stope blasting.

What personal goals do you have outside of mining for the next year?
Right now my biggest goal is getting my family our forever home this next year and to get back into shape hopefully lol

What are one to two things you would still like to learn about mining? Whether it be high-level operations or hands-on skills?
I think personally id like to begin transitioning into mine rescue to progress in my career and be able to offer a helping hand to the folks around me if they need it!

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