Sammy Gallup

Contract Tramp Miner

Miner Monday - Sammy Gallup


What type of miner are you and how long have you been mining? Where are you currently mining?
I'm a contract tramp miner,I've been at this for almost 17 years now. I have done many forms of mining from conventional, mechanized, raise, narrow vein and shaft mining. I'm currently at a government facility in Nevada with Joe Holdren!

What led you to a mining career?
An old friend got in touch with me right as i was graduating college and told me to apply at our hometown mine that just recently opened up a couple of years before.

What's a misperception you think the general population has about mining or the biggest thing people should know that they don't know about it?
Most people do not realize what they"re daily consumption of consumibles come from, because if it's not farmed it's mined!!! Anything from parts of a computer to medicine, it comes out of the ground.

If someone questioned if they would like mining, do you have any advice on questions they could ask themselves about their personality etc. that could help them have a better sense of if they should give it a try?
I have found it more rewarding working for smaller companies and contractors than big corporations and being a name and not a number. The industry is small as far as underground goes. Not many people realize the circuit is small and everybody knows everybody one way or another. Do you like making a good living, handsome income, getting dirty, traveling or just right down to giving your family a better life. If you can relate to this then i say give it a try! But just because you make it does not mean you have to spend it. Remember bonus is bonus and that's all it is.

If there was one thing you could change about the mining industry, what would it be? 
That it is widely needed and with the advancements in technology, the carbon footprint is minimal compared to 50 years ago. We are some of the most intelligent, hard working, and caring people you can meet.. Don't let big news just tell you all the bad about mining, Do some research and see the inside to the business.
What is one fun fact about you?
I have fun at work, just ask...
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