Samantha Young

Coal Miner

Miner Monday - Samantha Young


What type of Miner are you? How long have you been mining and where are you currently mining?
Coal Miner. I’ve been mining for just over 4 years, I am currently located at Blue Mountain Energy in Colorado. 

Tell us about your mining journey
I started in 2014 working as a coal analyst for 2 years. After that I moved to the surface washplant were I learned to weld and maintain a coal washplant. After 3 years of that I decided I wanted to go underground. Currently I am a buggy driver in the section. 

What led you to a mining career?
I worked construction for 9 years and decided it was time for a change. I felt that mining was something that I just had to do. 

How do you stay alert and keep safety top of mind?
Safety is a top priority for me, I want to make sure mining family makes it home safe every day to their own families. Paying attention to what im doing as well as helping others is important. I’m currently on the Mine rescue team, learning about mining hazards is a daily practice for me. 

What advice would you give a miner just starting out?
Never give up! You’re going to have your bad days and you might want to quit. It’s a life style that pays off in the end. 

What's Your Favorite Thing to Do Outside of Work?
Dirtbike racing and snowmobiling
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