Luis Angel Ruiz

Underground Equipment Operator



What type of miner are you and How long have you been mining?
Underground Equipment Operator 7 years

What are the 3 to 4 most important things in life for you? And what order do you prioritize them?
God Family Work Friends

If there was one thing about the mininig industry you hope will never change, what would it be?
Mining is like a second family and I hope that never changes because we keep each other safe and also keep each other on check 

What makes or breaks a jobs success? 
Leadership is always a key factor into success every job needs a good leader in order to achieve success a mediocre leader even with the best team would crumble to the ground 

What misperception does the general public have?
People always think that we are greedy but they don’t know what we do what kind of sacrifice it e make to have what we have and to take care of our families

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