Logan "Wildman" Sturgill

Highwall Coal Miner



What type of Miner are you and how long have you been mining? Where are you currently mining?
Highwall coal miner and 2 years on highwall miner. Currently mining in Southwest Virginia 

What skills have you found vital to your job?
Mechanical skills, everyone has a role out here but when we are broke down everyone is a mechanic and pitches in to help!

How do you stay alert and keep safety top of mind?
Biggest thing out here is, if you see something say something and it helps keep everyone on their game looking out for one another!

Do you have any routine hacks, productivity hacks, or mindset hacks that make your job go better?
Mindset hack for me is my family at home, knowing I'm out here working to provide a great life for them is my number one priority

What makes or breaks a job's success from your experience?
Teamwork is the best possible thing to have and working with each other instead of against each other 

What is one fun fact about you? 
One fun fact about me is on my days off I enjoy spending time with my family or in the woods riding sxs and fishing!

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