Lauren Bajar

Underground Haul Truck Driver



What type of Miner are you and how long have you been mining?
I was an underground haul truck driver for a zinc mine and then copper mine and also a haul truck driver for a pit quarry.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?
My favorite things to do outside of work is ride horses and hike with my daughter!

What are things you would still like to learn about mining? Whether it be high-level operations or hands-on skills?
I would love to learn everything more than just being a driver. Drill the face, load the holes, load the trucks and also be a geologist. My goal is to be an engineer for starting mines out west when my daughter is out of school.

How do you stay alert and keep safety top of mind?
I stay alert everyday wether it was underground, above ground, or at the construction site by getting enough sleep the night before, taking care of myself, always making eye contact with the other people in equipment before making my next move and NEVER assuming I know what someone else is going to do. Never ever being complacent and never doing anything I'm uncomfortable doing. And when training going over everything there is to know about the machine. Have boundaries between importance to work and importance to your safety. "You have the right to say no"

What is your favorite thing about mining?
My favorite thing about mining is the feeling of having a family. A family you can relate to outside of your biological family and an importance to everyone topside that relies on what you're doing!!

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