Greg Reed

Hard Rock Miner



What type of Miner are you and how long have you been mining?
I’m a hard rock miner of 27 years in the industry.


Where are you currently mining?
I work at the Lucky Friday mine in Mullan Idaho. 

Do you have any routine hacks, productivity hacks, or mindset hacks that make your job go better?
As far as hacks or mindset. Stay positive and it will be contagious

What advice would you give a miner just starting out?
Stay humble 3 years doesn’t make you a miner I’m still learning 27 years later


What are two of your biggest pet peeves? 
Pig miners. Guys that have the ability but not the drive.


If someone questioned if they would like mining, do you have any advice on questions they could ask themselves about their personality etc. that could help them have a better sense of if they should give it a try?

Mining has provided decades of good lifestyles take care of your body from the beginning just because you can pick it up doesn’t mean you should. If a trade job is what you’re seeking and your not above a little hard work take a tour and see if it’s for you.
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