Eric Fuchs

Underground Production Miner



What type of miner are you and How long have you been mining?
I'm an underground production miner for 12 years I run a stope drill and a bolter

What are the 3 to 4 most important things in life for you? And what order do you prioritize them?
The # one most important thing is my 3 beautiful girls #2 passion for music and art #3 is mine rescue and my mining family

If there was one thing about the mininig industry you hope will never change, what would it be?
I hope the mining industry doesn't change the mine set the miner come out safe everyday

Why do you think people should follow Miner Strong?
I think people should follow Miner strong because we are one big hard working family!

Who is the biggest mining influencer that you know of?
I have to many influences to name that have help shape me into the miner I am today.

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