Brenda LeBrun

Underground Miner



What type of Miner are you and how long have you been mining? Where are you currently mining?

Underground Miner, Tech 3 with Nevada Gold Mines

I've been mining for almost 3 years now and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! 

What led you to mining?
I got my start with a contracting company in Montana. I learned a lot from them and the doors just started opening from there! Like they say, once it's in your blood, it's there! I couldn't imagine doing anything else! 

Do you have any routine hacks, productivity hacks, or mindset hacks that make your job go better?
My mindset hack would be always attempting to have a positive attitude! What we do is not easy and this lifestyle isn't for everyone. So if I can bring a positive attitude and good sense of humor to work, it helps boost the moral of the crew! 

How does your job affect your general lifestyle?
I wouldn't say my job has a huge impact on my lifestyle, not in a negative way anyway. I don't do much when i'm on rotation expect work and sleep. So I don't have much of a social life until days off. The hardest part is planning my trips back home to Montana to see my family. But I have my work family, so it helps. 
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